Wishing single
families an
incredible life 

Roshay and Wanda Perkins were inspired to start this organization after seeing first hand a very close family member undergo hardships.  Being a widow for a few years and accepting her responsibility to take care of herself and her children, Wanda's family member worked to not be a burden to anyone.  She did so until it became impossible with the many surgeries and treatments she had to undergo. With no income and no short or long term disability to call upon, this family member was unable to meet her standard everyday living needs. It quickly became impossible for her to provide food and shelter for her and her daughters.   

Mentally trying to cope with the reality of having cancer or {any other chronic disease, such as, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, or cystic fibrosis, to name a few};  NO ONE should have the added burden of worrying because they do not have the daily living essentials for them or their children.  

A merry heart is good like medicine, but where was her merry heart? 

Simply put, Wanda Simply Inspired is reaching out through WSI Fashions to help men and women who were living productive everyday life, until sickness struck and made it impossible for them to continue to work and get well.

*We would like to bridge the gap between insurance ending and disability beginning.

Our hope is that each individual have a speedy recovery. We at Wanda Simply Inspired want to help in that recovery by being there for you.


*Temporary Assistance 3 to 6 months pending resource availability and services.